Trying to keep up with news today feels like a 24-hour job. As if the year hasn’t been unpredictable enough, now we have Elon Musk buying Twitter.

With everything happening, it’s not surprising that markets have reacted by moving up and down even more than usual. If you’ve paid attention to any financial news or information, there are likely a few terms and phrases that you’ve been hearing more than others.

On this episode, we’re going to discuss these investment terms and help you understand what they mean and why they’re important. From volatility to inflation to recessions, we’ll cover all of the financial news that’s top of mind for many people today.

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1:35 – Crazy markets recently

2:21 – Bear vs Bull Market

4:02 – Volatility

6:09 – Asset allocation

8:00 – Diversification

9:21 – Inflation

11:14 – Recession

15:32 – Fiduciary

18:04 – Suitability

“Higher volatility is basically a higher risk of someone investing in a security, and that’s when we start to see a lot of people panicking sometimes and making decisions according to the risk of being in that security.”

Donna Kendrick