As much as any other threat, recognizing and avoiding scams has become an essential skill, particularly for retirees. Join us as we explore crucial steps you can take to safeguard your financial well-being against the growing tide of scams and identity theft. Learn from real-life stories and gain practical advice to keep your finances secure in this digital era, all from the perspective of a seasoned financial professional.

From government imposters to sweepstakes, robocalls, and romance scams, we’ll share valuable insights into the tactics used by scammers. We’ll share how to spot red flags and protect yourself against phishing emails, vishing phone calls, and smishing texts before it’s too late. And, in the event that you do fall victim to a scam, we’ll provide actionable steps to mitigate the damage.

Here’s what we share in today’s show:

  • Some real-life examples of financial scams + surprising statistics
  • Phishing, vishing, and smishing scamming techniques
  • Some ways to spot some of these scams and protect your personal information
  • What should you do if you fall victim to a scam?

Resources for this episode:

CNBC Article

Thomson Reuters Article

If you are interested in any of the topics we discussed, please reach out and we would be happy to help you navigate your financial situation.