Donna and her husband, Jim, have both navigated the path of stay-at-home parenting and are no strangers to what it looks like to manage finances during family transitions. We’re excited to officially welcome Jim onto the podcast for the first time in today’s episode. Together, Donna and Jim will share their unique perspectives on the emotional and financial implications of stepping away from the workforce to be stay-at-home parents.

One of the episode’s key takeaways is the importance of communication within relationships, particularly concerning finances. Open and honest conversations between partners are crucial whether it’s discussing retirement savings or the day-to-day budgeting for a blended family. Donna and Jim’s story is a testament to the fact that with the right approach and guidance, it’s possible to find balance and build a solid financial foundation, even in the face of life’s transitions.

Here’s what we share in today’s show:

0:00 – Intro

2:09 – Donna and Jim’s experiences as stay-at-home parents

5:54 – Financial awareness and communication between partners

8:41 – Jim’s time as a caregiver

14:08 – Seeking professional advice and building financial literacy

17:46 – The life-changing advice Donna took from Jim

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