You might be wondering why I am doing this, why am I creating these for you, my co-widows and widowers? What is my Why?  This might be my first video, but I promise you… THIS will be the one that gives me chills and makes my belly flip… It’s not because I’m nervous to make my first video, but because eight years after the loss of the husband, the feelings are genuine and raw. THIS is my why.

Hi, I’m Donna Kendrick, and I am the owner of  Sephton Financial a financial planning practice helping families in transition. Welcome to the Widow and Wisdom™ (wealth edition) channel. This video series was created for someone whose tomorrow is very different from their today, whether it be through widowhood, divorce, or career change, this series is made to help you figure out your new tomorrow.

I can’t be everywhere, so  I am making this video to guide you and help you with resources through the first days, weeks, and months of widowhood…and the years to follow.  This video is here to help you along the way, and if I help just one person to feel more in control, or to be more confident in their decisions, or to wake up in the morning knowing I am on your side and you are not alone…than I am a happy mama.  The world feels spinny after a loss. I hope I can slow the velocity of it all for you.

A Bit About Me

Here is a 30-second summary:

  • Born and raised in Philadelphia Pa.  
  • The daughter of a Philly firefighter.
  • met and married the son of a Philly cop. (Yes, Greg and I were Yuppies in the early 2000s)
  • We followed my Greg’s career over to Europe and lived there
  • We traveled back and forth to the US over a 9 year period.  
  • Happily, we returned Stateside and Greg got a position back here in Philly
  • And in 2013 he passed away suddenly.  
  • My kids were 12, 11, and 8 and I was working part-time.  
  • It was a holy &*)_)@ moment.

The Transition

 I am a goal-oriented person, and my goal was to not let this loss catch up to me.  Greg and I were smart and we had a Financial Advisor in our early 20’s who gave us great advice and had our protection plan in place (thank you, Matt), so I knew my kids would go to college and I could keep my house.  But I needed something more. I needed someone to hold my financial house in order while I focused on the kids and this grief that I was running from. So like over 80% of women who lose a spouse, I switched to an advisor who had helped other widows in my family’s community. My advisors helped me to stay in control and organized for those first few weeks when I was panicked about income.  He handled all he could so I could sit with my grief (or denial of grief).  As the weeks stretched and turned into months, he helped me prioritize the next steps, educated me on concepts I wish I never had to know (like there are ____different ways to seek a social security benefit), and created an action plan for me so I felt the forward movement without getting dizzy. 

The Turning Point

Fast forward two years after Greg’s passing, immediate decisions are all done, the kids are in their groove, and now it is time for what I call “transitional goals”  What am I going to do with my career? 

Because of the support of my Financial Advisors, I had a plan, I had the finances to start fresh, to start a new career. I was lucky, I had the support of advisors who walked me through my most difficult moments. I also realized that many families in the same or similar situations were not as lucky to have the right financial professional helping them, and their financial picture looked confusing, and sometimes grim.

I decided to help other families in transition, like mine, with their financial clarity and future goals.  My passion is to hold the hands of my families and help them gain an understanding of their options in the future and help them along the journey to this new life…that they never expected to have.  

So now you know a little bit about where I came from, what transition I faced in my life, and how I blend my life experience with the drive to grow and develop my business to help more people. It is my duty, my obligation, and my purpose.

I have said for the last few years that if by connecting with me, I can help change a family’s or a person’s life in a positive way…just one positive change…then my day was worth it.  Reach out for a conversation, share your story with me and let’s strive for a better tomorrow together. If you need more than just this video, I am here and I can give you more.