Hello my name is Donna Kendrick (maiden name Sephton), and I am the Founder of Sephton Financial in Pennsylvania, and I am also the creator of Widow and Wisdom™ here on YouTube.  I created this channel as a way to help families in transition gain insight and clarity about their finances after a change in their life.  

Whether it be from the loss of a spouse, recent divorce, or career change that moves you across the country, this video series was created to provide tips to guide you along with the next steps.  

Why did I create this channel? Back in 2013, I turned 40…the big 4 0! Two weeks later my husband passed away suddenly.  We had just moved back to the States after living abroad for 5 years, I was working part-time, and had 3 babies ages 12, 11, and 8.  I was numb.  

In the next few years I pushed through the fog I felt in my life to organize my finances, recreate my career and find love again.  I didn’t do it alone, I had help along the way…family, friends, advisors, lawyers, mentors, and most importantly a community that empowered me. It was that advice from others that helped me push forward towards providing financial services for families in transition.  

This video series is a way to pay it forward, to help me reach more people, and change more lives. If you have found your way here due to a shift in your today, know that you have found a safe place to begin to rebuild, a place where your new tomorrow can safely unfold and begin to make sense. Welcome.

Follow along with me….