As 2021 winds down we want to discuss some money resolutions you can make in 2022 to have a more prosperous financial year. Most of them will be pretty easy, while some may require you to meet up with your financial advisor. On today’s podcast, we’ll go over the first 11 of 22 resolutions. We’ll discuss reducing debt, checking your designated beneficiaries, whether you should refinance, and more. This is the time of year to start getting your financial junk drawer in order for a more organized new year.

Listen to the full episode or skip to certain topics:

1:40 – 2021 is coming to an end

2:25 – Reduce your debt

3:46 – Maxing your contributions

5:19 – Prepare for the unexpected

6:27 – Don’t overreact to headlines

7:52 – Implement a spending plan

9:31 – Meet with a financial advisor

11:08 – Check your beneficiaries

12:51 – Have tough conversations

14:48 – Audit your insurance

16:09 – Think about refinancing

17:57 – Organize your finances