Do you feel like you are behind when it comes to saving for retirement? The first step you should take is meeting with an advisor and really seeing where you are in your plan, it might surprise you. On today’s episode, we will be discussing 5 opportunities for retirement’s late bloomers.

Where can you save more? Your budget will probably look different as you enter your 50s. You still have a decade or two to save and your kids will be coming off the payroll. The government also allows us some helpful catch-up contributions. Big purchases and debts will become less and less common as well, meaning you can save more. Should you downsize? What about a twilight career?

Listen to the full episode or skip to certain topics:

1:14 – Welcome to December!

2:22 – Catch-up contributions

5:38 – Kids coming off the payroll

7:12 – Disappearing debt

10:01 – Downsizing

13:59 – Twilight career