With only a few days left in 2021, we are continuing our countdown of 22 money resolutions for 2022. Have you checked your credit lately? This is easy and free. Doing so can show you exactly where your debt stands. Check your fees in the new year. This can relate to your investments or your subscription services. Or share your knowledge with loved ones. If you have an advisor, you really love or if you listened to a helpful podcast, make sure to spread the knowledge. We will also discuss donations, taxes, Roth conversions, and more. We hope some of these inspire you in 2022!

Listen to the full episode or skip to certain topics:

1:30 – Hope you had a good holiday!

2:06 – Check your credit

3:41 – Check your fees

5:49 – Share the knowledge

8:01 – Look for more donation opportunities

9:08 – Review your tax bracket

10:18 – Think of a Roth conversion

12:34 – Update your paycheck withholdings

13:12 – Rebalance your portfolio

14:03 – Plan your retirement transition

15:58 – Consolidate your accounts

17:48 – Listen to more episodes!