We all know the basics of being healthy: eating well, working out, refraining from processed foods, etc. On today’s episode, we thought it would be fun to compare some common diet tips to retirement planning to help you fix some of those unhealthy financial habits.

Empty calories are in a lot of different foods, in our finances we can find these in auto-generated plans that aren’t customized to your needs. There is a lot of hidden added sugar out there too and this can relate back to those hidden fees in your portfolio. Join us today as we break down various tips for improving your financial health!

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Listen to the full episode or skip to certain topics:

1:03 – The retirement diet!

2:47 – Empty calories

7:17 – Added sugar

9:55 – Not all fees are bad

11:37 – Trans fats

15:31 – Calories and inflation

“Cash reserve in finances, that 3 to 6 months of your money put aside to cover what you need to be you … that’s those nonperishables.”

Donna Kendrick