So, what is the secret to a successful retirement? Oftentimes, it’s learning to get out of your own way! When the market is volatile, we may be fearful and pull out of investments. On the other hand, sometimes we get too greedy and invest more than we should into a certain product.

If you’re only making financial decisions based on a tax bill, you are probably leaving yourself open to some blind spots. Don’t get into something simply for a tax advantage, make sure it fits into your whole portfolio! On today’s episode, we’ll explore a few different ways you can get out of your own way in order to have a successful retirement.

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2:06 – Fear and greed

3:39 – The client’s blind spot

4:22 – Just using taxes

5:53 – Paying versus deferring

7:03 – Too much cash

9:34 – Doing nothing

11:31 – Trusting non-professionals

“Many of the times when we’re younger, we don’t want to hear about it. We just want to keep the tax consequences low… but there are so many limitations into how you can save into a Roth.”

Donna Kendrick