Having an advisor that effectively communicates to you is essential in understanding your financial plan and the strategy they are helping you build. There are so many ways to communicate these days: in person, through phones, social media, podcasts, etc. Which do you prefer?

During the pandemic, 41% of advisors, including Donna, increased communication with their clients through zoom and technology. We were all at home, talking with one another on the phone or zoom was how we connected! Donna wants her clients to feel completely comfortable and educated, where clients can connect with her on a regular basis. On today’s episode, we’ll explore the idea of communication and the important role it plays in your retirement plan.

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Listen to the full episode or skip to certain topics:

0:57 – How are you doing?

1:29 – 41% increased communication

4:21 – How did Donna sustain that communication?

5:09 – Contacting clients at least once a week

6:46 – Do you want to hear from your advisor often?

7:44 – What are the different ways to communicate?

9:04 – What challenges did Donna face with communication?

11:31 – Are more people coming back in person?

13:39 – What is Donna’s communication philosophy?  15:16 – Newsletters, workshops, podcasts, etc

I’m an educator. We make good decisions when we’re educated on a topic and we feel empowered.

Donna Kendrick