With current market volatility, you may be thinking of working with an advisor if you’ve been DIYing your retirement up until this point. However, with so many options and information out there what should you look for in an advisor?

If an advisor seems to work with a lot of clients, you definitely want to make sure they have time to customize and work with you personally. Does your advisor only tell you the good things and ignore the reality of the situation? On today’s episode, we’ll explore a few red flags to consider when looking to work with a new financial professional.

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Listen to the full episode or skip to certain topics:

2:30 – Working with all clients

6:43 – Everything is going to be okay

9:16 – Too much jargon

11:51 – Too complicated

15:42 – They don’t listen enough

I do believe it is the role of a financial advisor to make sure we are educating our clients. To make sure we’re getting a good overview of the economy…

Donna Kendrick