In some ways, retirement planning was easier for past generations. From the loss of pensions to changes in the market retirement planning just isn’t what it used to be. Planning has even changed throughout the past five years. So, what do we need to prepare for that our parents and grandparents didn’t?

We are living longer than ever before and therefore our plans need to support longevity. You have to self-fund for much longer now. Let’s explore how a good financial advisor helps people overcome the additional challenges of today.

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1:22 – Is retirement planning different?

3:42 – We are living longer

7:44 – Interest rates are historically low

9:42 – Access to information

12:34 – Is market volatility more pronounced?

16:13 – The value of having a professional

Not only are life expectancies longer now, but healthcare costs are increasing. We always say healthcare costs increase usually about double the rate of inflation.

Donna Kendrick