Today, we’re diving into a topic that affects everyone, regardless of age or financial status: how age and wisdom impact financial planning. No matter where you are in life, your financial goals and priorities will change over time, and it’s important to have a plan that reflects your unique needs. In this episode, we’ll explore the ways in which age and wisdom impact financial planning strategies and provide practical tips and insights to help you make informed decisions about your finances.

Join us as we talk about why age matters in financial planning, and how life experiences will shape the planning process. We’ll also discuss the benefits of working with a seasoned financial advisor that listens to your story and prioritizes your personal needs and goals.

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • How our views change as we age. (1:48)
  • Why age matters in financial planning. (3:48)
  • How life experiences affect financial planning. (7:56)

If you are interested in any of the topics we discussed, please reach out and we would be happy to help you navigate your financial situation.